CHILD MARRIAGE || A Societal Menance

Vida Tetteh ~ Women and for that matter the girl child is a blessing to the family first and the society. When she is given the opportunity through education and training, she intends becomes an educator and trainer herself, as Professor Kwagyre Aggrey said, when you educate a man you educated an individual but when you educate a woman you educate a nation.

SCHOOL FEES NOT BRIDE PRICE || Fight Against Child Marriage

Nimat E. Tijani ~ This is a clarion call to all of us to raise high our voices, our placards and every available resource in fighting against child marriage. Ending child marriage preserves the girl’s childhood, promote her right to education, exposure to violence and abuse is reduced and most importantly it helps break the continuous cycle of poverty. Let’s advocate and push for opportunities and avenues to keep girls in school.


The high rate of Tramadol abuse among the youth in Northern Ghana is quite alarming as we fear may cause an endemic. Abuse of the drug is with youths aged 12 to 25. Guba Inspires therefore calls on the appropriate authorities to address issues and implement more legal policies to regulate the sales of these drug to unprescribed persons.

#EndViolence |Effects Of Child Violence

#End Violence | Every Child has the right to a free and safe environment. Let’s advocate to stop child abuse and it’s consequences. Let us create an enabling environment for the future leaders. It begins with a change of mind and heart towards the children of today. Let’s be that positive role model they need in their lives.