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Linda Teye, an award-winning humanitarian and gender advocate and the CEO of Lintel Aid Ghana shares her story;17757247_1680139798946025_509358694805446414_n

As a growing girl,I remember anytime I walked on the streets and saw people with no home to lay their heads, kids selling on the street at an hour they need to be in school, underprivileged kids in underprivileged schools thinking they cannot make it in life because of where they are coming from, when I came across brilliant students whose parents didn’t have the means to see them through school, I became sad, worried and wished I could change their situations around and put smiles on their faces. I have always been passionate about giving back to society.

My name is Miss Linda ohui Teye, CEO of Lintel Aid Ghana (an NGO initiative), a krobo who hails from Osudoku in the Greater Accra Region, Born to Mr and Mrs Teye and the first of five children,had my basic school education at Happy home Academy then to Ghanata senior high school in Dodowa where I offered General Arts.

I wanted to become a journalist by profession but some way, somehow I ended up in University For Development Studies Wa campus where I was offered BA Integrated community Development , I wasn’t happy given this course butI guess I was thinking I had no option but now I appreciate reading this course so much , God has a reason for doing the things he does in our lives,looking at myself now and the knowledge this course has impacted to Lintel Aid Ghana I now understand why I didn’t get admission to any other school to offer journalism but rather ended up in UDS.

Sometimes certain things happen to us and we simply don’t understand but I want us all to know that everything happens for a purpose, one day you would come to appreciate why certain things happen to us and why we go through certain things. If am given a second chance to choose any course in the university trust me I would go back to Uds and read Ba Integrated Community Development all over again. This course has given me insight into a lot of things that goes on in communities especially our third trimester programmes where you are taken to a community to spend eight weeks there and research about the people.

This has even made community studies with Lintel Aid Ghana easier because I understand what community development is all about, thanks to Uds. I am so proud to be associated with this University. Aside been passionate about giving back to society I love to read and write a lot, I also do a bit of relationship counselling and I haven’t given up on been a journalist someday. Lintel Aid Ghana journey started way back in Uds wa campus when I decided to live my dreams, thus to give back to society against all odds.I shared the vision with colleagues and friends who were also passionate about giving back to society leading to the birth of Lintel Aid Ghana.

I always tell people that it is always impossible until it’s possible, a lot of people are killing their dreams, a lot of people are not living their dreams, a lot of people are dying with their dreams .you need to know your purpose in life and live it to the fullest. You might think you cannot do it, you cannot make it or you can’t get there, forgetting you always need to start from somewhere and with determination you can always get to where you want to get to. Don’t be discouraged by who you are, what you are or where you come from simply use what you have and start where you are and trust me with God we can always smile at the storm.

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